Breathwise offers one-on-one Awareness Coaching for individuals ready to embody their authentic selves.

Our Awareness Coaching is designed for those who are ready for radical transformation.

Breathwise helps you overcome obstacles, addiction, and fears.

Breathwise guides you to clarity, self-knowledge, and alignment with your true self.

Breathwise supports your every step, your new vision, discipline, and rituals.

Our clients are a diverse group of individuals driven to uncover and embody their best self. Whether overcoming obstacles or difficulties or, simply seeking deeper connection within they are redefining how they want to live and be seen in the world.
We often work with people who are geographically mobile so we hold all of our Coaching sessions virtually to provide the most flexibility for our clients.

Breathwise's Art of Self-Awareness journey creates the opportunity for you to clarify your own thinking in a space of healing and growth.

Breathwise Founder Irina Vlada

Meet our founder, Irina Vlada. Learn about her journey of discovery, her path of learning and her calling to share her knowledge with others.

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We’ve compiled a short document that outlines how we rely on the physical, emotional and mental layers of our being to support our journey to expressing our true selves. Take a few minutes to read it now.