Irina Vlada

Irina is fully present when you meet with her. She listens intently and speaks with consideration. The authenticity of her interactions invites the same in those who come in contact with her.

Her personal story is a powerful narrative that blends international roots, world travel, unique experiences as well as adversity, addiction, and new beginnings. She is not afraid to take on new journeys and she is a consummate student—of life, yoga, philosophy, and academics.

Her path is deeply rooted in the discovery and exploration of the authentic self. Practicing and cultivating awareness is the means by which she consciously prepares for the next steps of her life’s adventure.

She shares this knowledge with her clients. Her guidance allows clients to focus on expanding their awareness of self as she offers them the right tools to facilitate their progress.

Personal Background

Irina came to the United States at 19 with little to her name, leaving everything behind of her Russian childhood. At different times, she has called Louisiana, Colorado or Florida home.

Her travel adventures have reached far beyond the United States to other countries and continents. She visits India and Bali at least yearly. She speaks two languages and is studying a third. Her appetite for travel and multi-cultural experiences have given her the openness and ability to welcome people as they are, with love and kindness.

There isn’t an adventure that Irina won’t try at least once, always seeking deeper connection with nature. Many of her interests are not just passing pursuits. Rather, like yoga and meditation, they are woven into the fabric of her daily life rituals. She cultivates a discipline of healthy eating, personal fitness and spiritual practice that brings her the focus, balance and energy she needs to take on the next challenge.

Along the way, Irina has grappled with deep adversity which has given her genuine compassion and empathy for what personal difficulties her clients may be up against.

In Irina’s journey to overcome her hardships, her tenacity and resilience, her willingness to embrace change and growth have been keystone elements to her success. She systematically explored the awareness of self, using the tools and teachings of Western psychology as well as those of Eastern philosophy. By bringing awareness to her life, she has consciously worked to rebuild her self-esteem and confidence while remaining true to her authentic self.

Irina dedicated years of focused practice to rebuilding a healthy understanding of Self. This is a fundamental process at the core of her coaching model teachings.


Diploma of Journalism & PR

Voronezh State University, Russia

B.S. in Business Administration/Management

University of New Orleans

M.S. in Psychology
(expected completion 2022)

Purdue University Global

2-year Professional Coaching Certification

University of Miami

500-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India

Irina's Personal Mantra

May I always move towards unity

May I experience grace in my heart

May I be soft/May I be strong

May I always be the source of teaching

May I always see the love that is loving me


Executive Coach
Edvard Philipson

Edvard is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry across multiple international markets. His broad areas of expertise include startups, business transformation and strategy, licensing and acquisitions, and regional management.

Throughout his executive career, Edvard has held leadership positions with global companies like Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly. He has a multi-cultural background having lived and worked in more than 7 different countries and served American and European global companies.

In his former role as VP of Latin America at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, he was selected by Human Resources to serve as corporate mentor and coach for top talent in Company. We worked on developing the key competencies for their next step, focusing on their strengths and recognizing blind spots that could become derailers. Most of these rising stars gained promotion within 18 months, one of them was recently named CEO of a Swedish biopharmaceutical firm.

Edvard’s Leadership and Executive Coaching philosophy:

“Work is the means to obtain our professional and financial goals. However, the quality and enjoyment of the journey should be as important as the objectives we pursue! Being mindful of ourselves is not only critical to having a happy life, but also affects our productivity and management effectiveness. Emotional intelligence makes people better leaders. It develops self-confidence, strong achievement drive and ability to influence others.”

“In summary, transformation comes from within. First become aware of who you are and how you think, and then develop healthy mental habits to live and lead a happy and productive life!”



Alliant International. University

B.S. in Economics

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico

Executive Programs Participant

INSEAD, France and IMD, Switzerland

Executive Coaching Certification

University of Miami

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