Irina Vlada

Irina is fully present when you meet with her. She listens intently and speaks with consideration. The authenticity of her interactions invites the same in those who come in contact with her.

Her personal story is a powerful narrative that blends international roots, world travel, unique experiences as well as adversity, addiction, and new beginnings. She is not afraid to take on new journeys and she is a consummate student—of life, yoga, philosophy, and academics.

Her path is deeply rooted in the discovery and exploration of the authentic self. Practicing and cultivating awareness is the means by which she consciously prepares for the next steps of her life’s adventure.

She shares this knowledge with her clients. Her guidance allows clients to focus on expanding their awareness of self as she offers them the right tools to facilitate their progress.

My Journey to Self-Love

My name is Irina Vlada and I am a certified Awareness Coach, Master Yoga Teacher, and Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Coach.

I have been on my own personal transformation journey for 12 years. I have experienced first hand the life-changing power of combining science and spirituality.

I moved to the United States from Russia when I was 19 years old my search for self-love and freedom took hold. Throughout my first decade in the United States, I struggled to find internal peace, self-confidence, and many times even joy. In retrospect, it is the adversity I faced—and overcame—during that difficult time that allows me to offer my coaching clients the support and empathy they need. To get there, I had to go through the process myself. So, my journey began.

I dedicated years of focused practice to rebuilding a healthy understanding of Self. This is a fundamental process at the core of my coaching model’s teachings.

It is through my university education and my time studying yoga, breathwork, meditation and the ancient wisdom in India and beyond that I first discovered the life-changing power of combining Wester psychology and Eastern philosophy to deepen one’s self-awareness. The ability to call to mind my core values with such ease is proof of that but, as I often tell my clients, discovering your authentic self if just the beginning. The rest of the journey consists of building on that awareness to create a reality you love.

In the convergence of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, we discover techniques that can make the world a happier, healthier, and more conscious place. I am excited to keep pursuing the education I need to best support others on their journeys.


Diploma of Journalism & PR

Voronezh State University, Russia

B.S. in Business Administration/Management

University of New Orleans

M.S. in Psychology
(in progress)

California Institute of Integral Studies

2-year Professional Coaching Certification

University of Miami

500-hour Yoga Master Teacher Training

Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India

Irina's Personal Mantra

I move towards unity.

I experience grace in my heart.

I am soft/I am strong.

I am the source of teaching.

I see the love that is loving me.

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