Coaching Approach

At the heart of our work is the Art of Self-Awareness journey.

It is a proprietary coaching process that moves our clients to a deeper understanding of themselves.

The Breathwise journey integrates transformation at all levels of your being:

  • The physical body by cultivating the art of self-care
  • The emotional body by raising your vibration
  • The mental body by mastering the art of self talk

It culminates with a reinvigorated understanding and comprehension of self which results in personal growth and the expression of one’s authentic self.

Coming to Clarity

Building a Relationship with Yourself
  • Who am I?
  • What are my values?
  • What is my past?
  • Who is my authentic self?

Path to Integration

Aligning with Your Higher Self
  • What is my personal culture?
  • How do I care for my body?
  • How do I raise my vibration?
  • How do I cultivate a clear mind?
Breathwise creates the opportunity for you to experience the space to heal and grow.
You will be supported in showing up for yourself. Having a coach and scheduled sessions promote responsibility and accountability.
You will experience a deep sense of connection and belonging. Your journey will be met with empathy, encouragement, and genuine enthusiasm.
By joining the Breathwise mailing list, you stay connected with events and happenings designed for and by individuals experiencing deep personal transformation following this integrative approach.
Your journey to self-awareness starts with a free consultation.

Start Your Journey for Free

We’ve compiled a short document that outlines how we rely on the physical, emotional and mental layers of our being to support our journey to expressing our true selves. Take a few minutes to read it now.