Coaching Approach

What is Awareness Coaching?

Through Awareness Coaching we refine the mind, uplift energy and elevate the condition of our consciousness—creating a shift in our current outlook, transforming our existing belief system into authentic values.

Our coaching approach is anchored in the Art of Self-Awareness journey, a guided process by which you progress towards an integrated state through clarifying your inner scene, your thoughts, emotions, and feelings and bringing into alignment all levels of your being.

You will refine your understanding of self and therefore your relationship with the world. You will discover where you are in life, where you wish to go, and how you choose to show up in order to live fully, intensely!

How Does Awareness Coaching Work?

Through Awareness we develop the ability for Transformation. By taking inventory (i.e. developing awareness) of our self-limiting, fear-based beliefs, we are able to map the existing programming of our mind.

Re-defining these beliefs and changing this programming is Transformation which can free us from old tendencies, old stories, unconscious choices and teach us how to live life with richness and depth.

To maintain this freedom calls for discipline. The discipline to be ourselves, to know ourselves, and to navigate the world with the poise born of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Well-honed discipline and emotional intelligence are what we refer to as self-mastery.

Awareness Coaching leads to self-mastery and to being fulfilled and experiencing joy and gratitude.

Change is a process, not an event.
Transformation is a journey, not a destination.
Enlightenment is a dynamic evolution, not the end result.

Evolution is progressive change.
Progressive change requires greater awareness.
~Anand Mehrotra
Breathwise is a space for us to grow and evolve. We create a safe environment for our awakening process. Our mission is to make tools available and to guide people to the full expression of their authentic values.
The Role of Yoga

We believe that the teachings and practice of Yoga enhance and amplify the process of evolving consciousness and expanding awareness. We weave the wisdom of Yoga into the advanced sessions of our Art of Self-Awareness journey.

Your journey to self-awareness starts with a free consultation.