HER Circle: Journey to Self-Awareness


Two Sessions Available:
May 3, 2020
May, 31, 2020


Virtual Event, you’ll receive a private Zoom link after registration

Event Summary:

Journey to Self-Awareness: An Introduction on Sunday, May 3rd or Sunday, May 31st.

Join Awareness Coach, Irina Vlada of Breathwise for this exclusive introductory event as she leads a Women’s circle through an exploration of self-awareness. The session will begin with a short presentation and group discussion followed by breathwork + meditation.  During this online workshop, participants will be invited to: 

  • Perform a careful review of where they are in life and study their path.
  • See their strengths and recognize their challengs. 
  • Allow the hierarchy of their values to begin to emerge with more clarity.
  • Set the stage for living authentically where core values and external actions and behaviors are in harmony.

Connect in a comfortable, supportive, and safe space in which we can share with each other the journeys that brought us together and how we have used mindful practices such as meditation to help our own development as individuals as well as members of our family, community, and society at large.

Journey to Self-Awareness: 7 Part Series beginning on Sunday, June 7th

For those that would like to continue the journey beyond the introductory session, they may elect to also take part in the 7 part Journey to Self-Awareness Series and explore one energy center at a time in sessions combining group coaching and kundalini practice. On June 7th our monthly Women’s Circle will begin with Root Chakra Awareness: encompassing Safety & Security.  

The main goal for this series is to create an environment where we collectively feel enabled and empowered to transcend past conditioning, clarify our own thinking, embrace our awakening process and express our authentic values; all leading to self compassion, self love and a connection with our intuitive nature. 

Upon registration, a private Zoom link with the recurring sessions and password will be forwarded by email. 

Early bird special valid through May 31st and includes entrance to the introductory session on either May 3rd or 31st. 

Online event dates: June 7th, July 5th, August 2nd, September 6th, October 4th, November 1st, December 6th 

Journey to Self-Awareness is Great For Women Who:

  • Need their monthly dose of self-love
  • Want to connect with other like minded women
  • Enjoy being part of the mindful community

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