The Art of Self-Awareness

Our coaching approach is anchored in the Art of Self-Awareness journey, a proprietary guided process by which you come to clarify your own thinking. The full journey consists of an initial assessment followed by 3 phases of deepening exploration.

Initial Assessment

Where do I find myself today?
A careful review of where you are in your life and your own path to develop a clear understanding of your starting point. See your strengths, recognize your challenges.
Month 1: How do you see the world?
This is a multi-step process that allows your hierarchy of values to emerge with crystal clarity. It sets the stage for living authentically where core values and external actions and behaviors are in harmony.
Month 2: What do you want to experience?
Embrace your power as Creator of your own life and shape it in a way that is uniquely yours. Bring consciousness, imagination, and intention to this process to feel fulfilled, successful and recognize your role as a leader.
Month 3: Who do you want to be?
Develop your personal culture and determine the steps that will bring your external behavior into harmony with the vibration of your desires.

Coming to Clarity

Path to Integration

Month 4: Physical Body - Art of 
Learn to cultivate the discipline necessary to refine, purify, and prepare the physical body for higher levels of energy and expanded awareness.
Month 5: Energy Body - Art of Breath
Life-force energy, prana, is flowing through our body. We work with prana to shift the biochemical environment in the body and allow for transformation to take place.
Month 6: Mental Body - Art of Self Talk
The Mental Body processes thoughts, feelings, and emotions; more than just a physical brain, it is the brain “in action” and is located in the whole body. Harness the power of the mental body to bring about transformation towards living authentically.
Month 7: Yama & Niyama - Qualities of Consciousness
Continues Self-Awareness and augments one’s ability to self-reflect and observe one’s self.
Month 8: Pranayama - Breathwork
Practice the art of aligning with the intelligent energy of the life-force.
Month 9: Dyana - Meditation
Cultivate witnessing Consciousness and expanding beyond the mind, connecting with the field of infinite potential.

Stepping into Growth

Your journey to self-awareness starts with a free consultation.

Start Your Journey for Free

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